What are the economic, social and political conditions in India in 19th century ?

Economic, Social and Political Condi­tions in India in 19th century :

Economic Conditions :

  • India was a backward and traditional economy.
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  • Agriculture was the main occupation but it was in a pitiable condition.
  • Fanners were poor but the landlords were rich and prosperous.
  • Trade and Commerce had come to almost a standstill.

Social Conditions :

  • illiteracy and ignorance were rampant.
  • Many evils prevailed in society like caste system, child marriage, Sati-system and Purdah system.
  • Muslim society was also divided into castes. Purdah system was a part of their religion.
  • Condition of women was pathetic.


Political Conditions :

  • Politically the country had weakened.
  • The hold of Mughals was gradually weakening.
  • No other Indian State was able to hold the reign of the country in absolute terms.
  • European powers were tightening their grips wherever possible.
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