What are the factors contributed to the growth of national consciousness among the people of colonies?

Factors contributing to the growth of national consciousness among the people of colonies:

Freed at Last

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  • Economic Exploitation: The Britishers and other colonial rulers had exploited colonies to serve their economic interests. Gradually, these ruled countries realised their plight and raised voice against their rulers for independence.
  • Emergence of Soviet Union: One of the major international factor which aroused consciousness among the colonies was the emergence of Soviet Union and other socialist countries as a major challenge to imperialism.
  • The Press and literature had an important role to play in contributing for awakening of national consciousness. It helped in influencing the acts and decisions of the governments.
  • The western educations and culture lad also an impact. It brought people in close contact with rational and scientific ideas. It facilitated the growth of knowledge and spread ideas of democracy, nationalism and later socialism.


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