What are the important factors which promoted nationalism in India?

Important factors which promoted na­tionalism in India are

  • The British rulers treated the Indians will, contempt and insulted them. They did not trust the Indians. The bad behaviour of the British rulers gave rise and growth to the national movement.
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  • The administrative and economic unifi­cation of the country acted as a unifying force.
  • The British Government had introduced English education in India with the object of producing cheap clerks. But those, who read English history and literature, were filled with a desire to see their country free. They began to agitate against the subjection of their country and the exploitation of its resources.
  • Development of means of communica­tion, Post Office, Radio etc. helped in spread of ideas in India and sense of unity among Indians.
  • The Press played an important part in producing consciousness and nationalist sentiments among Indians. Newspapers like The Hindu, Amrit Bazar Patrika, The Tribune etc. aroused the national consciousness among the Indian masses.
  • Literary works in the regional languages, modern education, English administrative system and arrogance of the British rulers prompted a feeling of nationalism among the people.
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