What are the main characteristics of Mughal paintings of Akbar and Jehangir’s time ?

Main characteristics of Mughal paint­ings of Akbar and Jehangir’s time:

  • The great era in the art of painting was ushered in by the Mughals. They brought with them the traditions of Persian painting. Akbar synthesised die Persian and Indian style of painting. He gathered together ‘a number of painters from Persia, Kashmir and Gujarat. Many artists and painters, mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari, illustrated manuscript like the Dastan-i-Amir, Hatnza and Babar Nama.
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  • By the end of Akbar’s reign, an independent Mughal style of painting had developed.
  • Jehangir himself was a great patron of painting. The Mughal School of painting made remarkable progress during his reign.
  • Portrait painting and depiction of subjects drawn from life and nature became popular.
  • Some of the finest painters in the period of Jahangir were Nadir, Murad, Bishan Das, Manohar, Gobardhan, Mansur and Farrukh Beg.
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