What are the major areas of disagree­ment between India and Pakistan ?

Major areas of disagreement between India and Pakistan are:

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  • Kashmir issue: – The Kashmir issue is the main area of disagreement between India and Pakistan. Just after the independence of India, the ruler of the State of Kashmir joined India. But Pakistan demanded that Kashmir should go to Pakistan because the majority of inhabitants of Kashmir were muslims. In 1948, 1965 and 1971 Pakistan fought wars against India, but was defeated. About 1/3rd part of the Kashmir territory is still under Pakistan’s occupation. As a matter of fact, it is also Indian territory.
  • U.S.A.’s arms-aid to Pakistan. Being developing countries India and Pakistan can not afford war, but America is giving arms – aids to Pakistan. There is no doubt that these arms will be used against India.
  • Pakistan’s instigation of terrorism in India. Pakistan is helping and training the extremists to create disturbance in India. These Extremists are creating danger and disorder in the State of Punjab and J & K. On account of terrorism there is a great danger for our freedom and integrity.
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