What are the most important demands of the Russian revolutionaries in 1917 ?

Most important demands of the Russian revolutionaries in 1917. The Russian Revolution of 1917 proved quite successful. The most important demands and objectives of the Russian revolutionaries were as follows:

  • Peace: The first and the most impor­tant demand of the Russian revolutionaries was to maintain peace and order in the country. The people of Russia were against the war. Just after the fall of Czar, Russia withdrew from the war.

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  • Land and the Tiller: The Russian revolutionaries were of the opinion that the agri­cultural land should be allotted to the cultivators. As we know that before the Russian Revolution of 1917, the peasants in Russia were leading a miserable life.
  • Control of industry by the workers: In Russia, the capitalists greatly exploited the workers. Therefore, the condition of Russian work­ers was deplorable. So there was great demand to control the industry by themselves.
  • Equal status for the Non-Russian nationalists: The Russian revolutionaries demanded equal status for the Non-Russian nationalities. Just after the revolution, a declaration of the people was issued by the new Government conferring the right of self-determination upon all the nationalities.
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