What are the Terminologies features of Racial Groups?

Leucoderms-White skinned people including Europeans, Western, Asiatics, North Africans, Polynesians and also Hamites and Indo Dravidians.

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Xanthoderms- Yellow skinned people, best represented by Asiatic Mongoloids. Besides them, some Amerinds, Bushmen, and Hottentots also show a yellowish touch in their skin colours.

Melanoderms-Black skinned people, represented by Negroids.


Leiotrichus-A smooth form of hair associated with the Mongoloid racial stock.

Cymotrichous-A wavy form of hair characteristic of many people of western Asia, North-eastern Africa, Europe, etc.

Ulotrichous-A woolly form of hair having varied form, e.g., frizzly and filfil or peppercorn.

Pepper corn-A form of ulotrichous hair where small knots of thick rolled hairs appear to be separated by abre spaces. It is characteristic of Negrillos, Negritos, Papuans, Melanesians and Bushmen.


Prognathism-Prognathism is the protrusion of jaw. It is present in marked degree among Negroid and Australoid.

Orthognathism-The absence of prognathism.

Epicanthic fold-A skin that hangs over the eye in the Mongoloid racial stock concealing it thoroughly.

Derinatoglyphics-the study of the ridge patterns of the skin of fingers, palms, toes and soles. Dermatoglyphics traits” are not modified by environmental factors. These are not subject to a high rate of mutation and are identifiable any subjective bias.


Leptorrhine-Narrow nose having a nasal index of 55.0 – 6°.9

Mesorrhine-Medium nose having a nasal index of 70.0 -84.9

Playtyrrhine-Broad nose having a nasal index of 85.0-99

Dolicoeephalic-Narrow head having a cephalic index of 70.0-75.9

Mesocephalic -Medium nose having a cephalic index of 76 – 80′.9.

Brachycephalic-Short and broad head having a cephalic index of 81.0-85.5.

Steatopygia-immense deposit of fat in the buttocks of women markedly present in Hottentot, less prominent in Bushmen and occasionally present in African pygmy or Negrillos.

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