What are the two characteristic fea­tures of the Gandhara School of Art ?

Characteristic features of the Gandhara School of Art are

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  • The Gandhara School of Art occupies an important place in the history of the Indian Art. As most of the statues and sculptures made under this school have been discovered in Gandhara. Artists in North Western India were influenced by Greco-Roman art.
  • This art has come to be called Gandhara School of Art after the name of the country of its origin. Under this school of art, life-like statues of Buddha began to be made in large numbers whereas under the older schools no statues and images of Buddha were made. Much attention was paid in depicting each and every fold and turn of the dress. Rich ornaments, costumes and drapery were used most enthusiastically in this School and much attention was paid towards imparting physical beauty to the artist specimens.
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