What are the ways communalism and casteism harm functioning of democracy in India ?

Communalism and Democracy :

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  • Communalism is a great obstacle in the functioning of Indian democracy. Communalism is religious rigidity towards one’s faith and wrong understanding about others.
  • India, being a country of many diver­sities, specially in caste and religion, its people tend to develop hatred for other’s castes and religions.
  • In a democracy, where people form their own Government, such communal feelings are dangerous as votes are also caste on communal bases, thus dividing the society in to communal groups.
  • Society divided on communalism mid casteism can not achieve economic growth because a move or step taken by Government is thwarted by such groups.
  • Narrow mindedness, prejudices, enmity and many other evils associate with communalism. In democracy, the presence of these evils is self-injurious.
  • Communalism is like a poison that can kill our freedom and all good qualities required for the governance of a democratic country.
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