What do you mean by Imperialism ?

Meaning of Imperialism :

  • The term Imperialism implies ‘Occupation and domination of one country by another’.
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  • Imperialism refers to the ambition of a strong and advanced country to occupy and control the backward countries in order to exploit the people and resources of the occupied countries.
  • In the 19th century, Imperialism helped European powers to increase the territories under their rule in Asia and Africa.

Forms of Imperialism. There are two forms of Imperialism :

  • Ancient Imperialism
  • Modem or new Imperialism.

Ancient Imperialism :

  • Ancient imperialism is as old as human civilization.
  • Ancient nations like Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs and Chinese could build up vast empires by extending their territories beyond their own nations, for fulfilling their missionary or personal ambitions.
  • The main purpose of these imperialist countries was to add political power or bring glory to the country.


Modern Imperialism (New Imperialism) :

  1. Industrial Revolution gave way to European Imperialism which began to discover new lands in different parts of the world.
  2. Modem empires were made and ex­tended to achieve economic motives.
  3. The main motives were
  • to discover new sources for raw material
  • to dispose off their manufactured goods.

Effects of Imperialism :

  • There was an unabated race for colo­nies among the western countries.
  • It caused enmity and jealousy among imperialist countries.
  • Imperialists adopted the policy of Di­vide and Rule and demoralised the people by their exploitation and colonial rule.
  • Poverty, ignorance and many other evils were brought by way of imperialism in Asia and Africa.
  • Imperialism has left its unending traces in the society in the form of slavish mentality, loss of human values and virtues and above all a corrupt society.
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