What is meant by Non-alignment ?

Nations, which object to lining up for war purposes to military blocs, to military alliances and the like, are said to be non-aligned. Non-alignment thus refers to the independent thinking of a nation about its relations with any county according to its sweet will, and as such it is not bound to follow the policy linked with any super power.

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Reasons for Afro-Asian countries following non-alignment policy:

  • These countries wanted permanent peace and prosperity in the whole world.
  • Afro-Asian countries are newly independent countries. They want to bring about socio-economic changes in their country as early as possible. Lining up with some military blocs may hinder or retard their economic growth. Hence, they want friendly and co-operative relations with all countries.
  • The newly independent countries of Africa and Asia are against imperialism and colonialism. By following the policy of non-alignment, these countries can pursue independent policies and raise a voice against imperialism.
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