What was the attitude of Indian National Congress towards the World War II ?

Attitude of Indian National Congress towards World War II :

  • British Government dragged India into Second World War without any consultation with the Indian leaders.
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  • The Indian National Congress put its conditions for participation in the War. It demanded the establishment of an Indian Government in India responsible to the Central Legislative Assembly and a promise to grant freedom to India as soon as the War was over.
  • Since the British Government refused to agree to these proposals, The Congress Ministries resigned in all the provinces. It was now clear to Indian leaders that Britain was pursuing her own imperialist designs in the War.
  • In October 1940, the Individual Satyagraha was launched by Gandhiji. Selected Individuals broke the law by making anti-war speeches in public and offered themselves for arrest.
  • The Congress ultimately launched the third mass movement against the British rule in the form of ‘Quit India Movement’. Thus Congress condemned the aggression committed by fascist countries against the countries of Asia, Africa and Europe and expressed its sympathy with the victims of aggression.
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