What was the contribution of Raja Rammohan Roy in eradication of social and religious evils ?

Contribution of Raja Rammohan Roy in the eradication of social and religious evils  are:

  • Raja Rammohan Roy (1772-1833), is called “the father of modern India.” He tried to reform many social and religious evils prevalent in the Indian Society. His main purpose was to purify the Hinduism and to reach monotheism. He worked hard in the field of widow-remarrying, abolition of polygamy, women’s education and condemnation of caste system and idolatory.
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  • In 1918, Raja Rammohan Roy started vigorous campaign against Sati-system. With his support Lord William Bentinck, the then Governor General, abolished the practice of Sati by law in 1919.
  • He also worked hard for the women” right and freedom of press and speech.
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