What was the impact of the emergence of Asian and African countries as independent nations ?

Impact of the emergence of Asian and African Countries as independent nations :

  • Afro-Asian Unity. The establishment of Afro-Asian Unity was due to the emergence of countries of Asia and Africa and independent nations. It aimed at sorting out mutually common problems of rehabilitation and reconstruction.
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  • Afro-Asian Conference at Bandung. The newly independent Asian and African countries came closer to each other for safeguarding their newly acquired independence. This led to Afro-Asian Conference at Bandung (Indonesia) in 1956. This was attended by 73 Asian and 6 African countries.
  • Emergence of Non-Alignment Move­ment. It was another achievement of newly indepen­dent Afro-Asian countries. These non-aligned coun­tries opposed the cold war and armament. The First Non-Aligned Countries’ summit was held at Belgrade. India played a significant role to form unity in Asia and Africa.
  • Common Understanding on World Affairs was developed especially on the question of independence of nations which were under foreign rule and were struggling for independence.
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