What was the importance of Boycott and Swadeshi Movements ?

Importance of Boycott and Swadeshi Movements

  • The Swadeshi and Boycott Move­ments were powerful instruments directed against British rule. It was launched on August 7, 1905 to oppose the partition of Bengal.

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  • Swadeshi, literally meaning ‘of one’s own country’ aimed at promotion of indigenous industries. Along with Swadeshi, Boycott of British goods was also organised. The boycott struck at the root of the prestige of British Government.
  • In the annual sessions of the Congress id in Calcultta, the Swadeshi and Boycott movements were favoured as a means of resistance.
  • This movement proved a great success. It drew millions of people in its fold and became very popular. It united people of India to fight against the British rule.
  • Shops selling foreign goods were picketed. Meetings were held, associations were formed. The Government resorted to repressive measures. But it made the struggle for freedom more intense. This movement was thus instrumental in binding the Indian masses into a common bond and unity.
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