What was the importance of Non-aligned Movement for the world peace ?

The importance of Non-aligned Move­ment for the world peace :

  • Non-alignment has primarily been a policy aiming at the strengthening of independence of the newly independent countries, ending of colonialism and promoting world peace.
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  • Non-alignment is a movement adopted to reduce the tensions between nations arising out of formation of Military blocs. Non-aligned means ‘being non-aligned with any of the super powers of the world.
  • It helped in reducing the tension caused by Cold War. This is the reason that many independent countries of Asia and Africa refused to join Cold War. They considered formation of Military blocs as a serious threat to world peace.
  • The non-aligned countries are playing an increasingly important role in creating a new international economic order in which economic relations between nations would be based on equality, non-exploitation of one nation by another, and the narrowing down of economic disparities. The leaders of non-aligned movement do not want to support the race for armament. Thus, the policy of disarmament is advocated by the non-aligned nations, so that there are no tensions in the minds of people and there exists peace every where.
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