What was the role of the Moderates in the early phase of Indian National Movement ?

Role of Moderates in the early phase of the Indian National Movement :

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  1. The moderates, demanded not indepen­dence but representative institutions within the British Government.
  2. The Congress Committee followed a moderate programme during the first few years. In the beginning, it aimed at uniting die people of India for common political ends.
  3. Some of the early demands of Moder­ates were :
    • elected representatives in the Pro­vincial and Central Legislative Councils.
    • holding of die Indian Civil Service examination in India and raising the minimum age of entry.
    • reduction of military expenditure.
    • the spread of education.
    • agricultural and industrial develop­ment etc.
  4. The moderates did not want separation but association with Britain.
  5. Gradually the radical ideas were brought in the Congress making the British Government hostile towards it.
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