What were the causes of Russian Revolution ?

The following were the main causes of Russian Revolution :

The Three Stages Of A Revolution: The People Are Being Dragged ...

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  • The condition of the farmers and workers in Russia had become very miserable and pathetic.
  • The autocratic rule of Czar Nicholas II had become inefficient. He was weak both in mind and body.
  • The Nobles and Romanoves (the ruling family of Russia) enjoyed great powers and many privileges in the society.
  • ‘Czar’s (Nicholas II) participation and defeat in the World War. I caused discontent throughout the empire.
  • The teaching of Karl Marx and Tolstoy encouraged people to raise a revolt in the country. It was well led by Lenin.
  • The revolution of 1905 was the main cause of this revolution as the people of Russia could not forget the Red Sunday.
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