What were the contribution of Ancient India to the fields of Science and Art ?

Contribution of Ancient India to the fields of Science and Art :

Science:  Aryabhatta and Bralimagupta, the learned scholars of Astrology and Mathematics belonged to ancient India. Dhanvantri was a famous physician of this age. The people of this age had the knowledge of solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and the constellations.


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Art: The idol of gods, goddesses and men were made during this age. The supermost specimens of the architecture are ; Brick temple constructed at Deogarh in district Jhansi and magnificient brick temple constructed at village Mitter in district Kanpur. The caves of Ajanta and Ellora too are fine specimens of the development of the art of image making and imagination of Gupta Age. Paintings and drawings too were at the peak during this age. The focal points for spread of Indian art into neighbouring part of Central Asia was Gandhara art. The Kushana kings, particularly Kanishka, encouraged the Gandhara artists to sculpture themes from Buddha’s life and the Jatakas. Another school of art to develop in this age was Mathura sculptures.

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