What were the main aims of the Revolutionary movements in Europe in the 19th century ?

Aims of the Revolutionary movements in Europe in the 19th century in the context of the Revolution of 1848 :

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  • The Revolutionary movements in Europe gained momentum after 1815.
  • In some countries revolutionaries wanted to overthrow autocratic rulers whose only aim was to suppress the nationalist movement.
  • The rise of nationalism resulted in creating awakening in almost all countries.
  • Social, political and economic reforms were the basis of some revolutions. These revolutions were directed against despotism.
  • Lords and some other prominent persons led these revolutions in Greece, Poland, South America and Germany.
  • The most noteworthy revolutions were those of 1848. There was a revolt in Italy. France became a Republic.
  • The revolutions of 1848 failed to overthrow the regimes of Europe but they were certainly weakened. But, these created awakening and love for freedom and nationality among the nations in Europe. These changes also brought forward the evils of subordination and increased faith in self-Government and against despotic rule.
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