What were the main aspects of Indian Nationalism during the early phase (1858 to 1905) ?

Main aspects of rise of Indian Nationalism during the early phase (1858 to 1905). The rise and growth of Indian nationalism stalled in the 19th century. The following factors contributed to the growth of Indian nationalism.

  • Destruction of India’s old social and economic system.
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  • The beginning of modem Trade and Industry and rise of new social classes.
  • The social and religious reform movements and popular revolts.
  • British rule was based on the theory of Divide and Rule.
  • The new land-tenure systems introduced by the British.
  • The exploitation of India by the British rulers.
  • Famines.
  • The practice of racial discrimination.
  • The British Government’s policy of repression followed after 1857.
  • The American War of Independence the French Revolution and the War of Italian Unification.
  • The ideas of Voltaire, Rouseau, Thomas Pain, Garibaldi and Nazzini.
  • The ideas of socialism and internationalism.

All these various factors contributed to the rise of the nationalist movement in India during the early phase (1858-1905).

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