What are the causes of violence ?

Violence-the very word describes terror and the use of threat or aggression against an individual or society as a whole. Indeed violence is the most terrible and dominating of all social evils in today’s word. Making use of violence to achieve one’s end means departing from all the moral and virtues that humanity has bestowed upon us. But, unfortunately, violence has been so frequently used that we have begun to take it for granted-the sight of a sick or dying person doesn’t move us in the least. Evidently we are becoming the slaves of violence.

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But why do people resort to violence? The answer is quite simple. In a country, like India, with a population of more than a billion, poverty, unemployment and starvation have become common problems for the people. How is a family expected to survive without food, money and die in their arms? But, alas, there is no ear to perceive their cries of desperation. Thus, it is the poor who resort to violence such as murder and robbery to fulfill their needs.

Racial discrimination is another major reason for violence. The so-called ‘terrorism’ is spreading at an alarming rate around the world. There are basically two kinds of terrorists-one kind who revolt for political or social reforms in their country and another kind who use religion as the cause of violence. Terrorists murder, bomb and use other such violent means to achieve their goals. The worst part of such violence is that people who are responsible for horrific massacres are applauded and regarded as heroes.


The television and movies are responsible for fantasizing violence. They make a murder seem like a miracle and death like a blessing. Some young viewers are deeply influenced by the violence shown on television and are induced to commit such crimes. Students carrying weapons in schools and killing classmates and teachers has become a common problem in the west and if we are not careful, such crimes might enter our country as well.

But what do we gain from violence? If a poor man kills a rich man for money, all he gains is imprisonment or a death sentence. And as for the family that he is trying to support-they shall perish before his eyes. What do terrorist gain by claiming thousands of lives? They shall never accomplish their goal and if caught they shall suffer a fate far worse than death. If a student shoots his classmates and teacher, how shall he benefit? He shall either commit suicide or be caught and suffer disgrace for the rest of his life.

So it is evident from all these examples that violence is the most disastrous and destructive of all social evils. In order to prevent violence, the Government should take necessary measures to reduce poverty, unemployment, etc. crimes committed by the rich against the poor should be prevented in order to avoid feelings of vengeance. If the political and social demands of terrorists are not unreasonable then the Government should consider adopting some of the reforms that they suggest. In schools, colleges, etc. precaution like metal detectors and adequate security measures should be taken to prevent students from carrying weapons into the premises. And last of all it is up to us to distinguish between fiction and reality and not be swept off our feet simply because of a “fascinating” TV serial.

Thus, violence is the greatest enemy of the society today. It is up to us to find new and non-violent methods to solve our problems and to develop a feeling of tolerance and understanding within ourselves. After all there can be no gift greater than life, no ambition greater than peace and no religion greater than humanity.

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