What are the composition, powers and functions of Supreme Court ?

Supreme Court :

Composition :

  • Supreme Court comprises the Chief Justice and 26 other companion Judges appointed by the President of India.
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    Judges in Supreme Court hold office till the age of 65.

  • The salary of Chief Justice is Rs 1.10 lakh while that of other Judges is Rs 90,000/- a month plus allowances etc.

Powers and Functions :

The Supreme Court has different powers and functions which are discussed under the following heads :

  • Original Jurisdiction. The Supreme Court can directly hear and admit some special type of cases. For example any dispute between the Government of India and one or more State Gov­ernments or between two or more State Governments.
  • Appellate Jurisdiction. Under this, Supreme Court hears cases on appeal from the courts below.
  • Advisory Jurisdiction. The President of India can make a reference to the Supreme Court and ask its opinion either on an issue of law or question of fact, provided that it is of public importance. For example, Ram Janam Bhoomi and Babri Masjid issue has been referred to Supreme Court recently seeking its advice whether there existed a temple or a masjid.
  • The Supreme Court is the guardian of liberties of the people and fundamental rights of the Indian citizens. Any case arising out of such Constitutional controversies can be directly taken to Supreme Court. It is also called interpreter of the Constitution.
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