What are the differences between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles ?

The differences between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are:

Fundamental Rights

  • Fundamental Rights are justiciable
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    Indian Constitution mentions some of the most important rights of the citizens called fundamental rights.

  • These rights are necessary if citizens are to act properly and live democratically.
  • These rights are fundamental in legal sense. If Government passes any law which restricts them, then those laws would be invalid.
  • The Constitution guarantees us six fundamental rights.
  • Fundamental rights concern the individual.

Directive Principals

  • Directive Principles of State policy are not justiciable. The provision of Directive Principles thus can not be enforced in court of law.
  • These are actually directions given by the Constitution of the State to adopt policies which would help to establish a just society in our country.
  • The aim of these instructions is to create proper economic and social conditions in which citizens of our country can lead a good life.
  • Directive principles concern State.
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