What are the differences between Natural Person and Legal Person?

This article describes 11 differences between Natural Person and Legal Person.

Natural Person

  1. A natural person is a human being.
  2. He has characteristics of the power of Thought speech and choice.
  3. A natural person is a real and living person.
  4. Slaves were also natural persons.
  5. The layman does not recognize idiot, company, corporation, idol etc. as persons.
  6. The only natural persons are human beings.
  7. He is also a legal person.
  8. Natural persons perform their functions and also perform the function of legal persons.
  9. Man is the only natural person.
  10. There is no such division in natural person.
  11. Natural person can live for a limited period. i.e. he cannot live more than 100 years.
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Legal Person

  1. Legal person is being, real or imaginary.
  2. A legal person is any being whom the law regards as capable of rights or duties.
  3. Legal persons are also termed “fictitious”, “juristic”, “artificial” or “moral”.
  4. In older law, “slaves” were not recognized as persons.
  5. In law, idiots, dead men, unborn persons, corporations, companies, idols, etc. are treated as legal persons.
  6. There are several categories of legal persons recognized by law.
  7. “Although all legal personality involves personification, the converse is not true”.
  8. The legal persons perform their functions through natural persons only.
  9. There are different varieties of legal persons, viz. Corporations, Companies, Universities, President, Societies, Municipalities, Gramapanchayats, etc.
  10. There are two classes of corporation’s corporation sole and corporation aggregate.
  11. Legal person can live more than 100 years. Example: (a) the post of “American President” is a corporation, which was created some three hundred years ago, and still it is continuing. (b) “East India Company” was established in sixteenth century in London, and now still is in existence.
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