What are the duties of the secretary relating to the statutory meeting ?

The duties of the secretary relating to the statutory meeting are discussed in 3 phases :

Before the meeting :

1. It is the duty of the secretary to keep in mind the time limit prescribed by the Act for holding the statutory meeting.


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2. He should prepare the ‘statutory report’ in the prescribed form and the notice of the meeting.


3. He should convene a meeting of the Board of Directors to consider and approve the statutory report and the notice.

4. The secretary should then arrange for printing of the statutory report and the notice and dispatching them to the members at least 21 days before the date of the meeting. A certified copy of the report mast also be filed with the Registrar.

5. He should prepare an agenda of the meeting in consultation with the chairman.

6. He has also to prepare a list of members showing names, addresses and the number of shares held by each one of them for placing before the meeting.


7. He has to make necessary seating arrangements etc., for holding the meeting.

At the meeting :

8. He has to help the chairman in ascertaining the quorum and to read the notice of the meeting.

9. If directed by the chairman, he has to read the statutory report.

10. He has to produce the list of members at the meeting.


11. He has to assist the chairman on any points of procedure and to supply necessary explanations when required.

12. He is to take full notes of the proceedings of the meeting.

After the meeting :

He has to draft the minutes of the meeting on the basis of notes taken by him and to get the same approved and signed by the chairman of the same meeting within 30 days of the conclusion of the meeting.

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