What is the difference between Accident and Mistake of Fact?

This article contains the difference between Accident and Mistake of Fact.

  1. Consequences are not foreseen. Accident is done when the consequences unintended.
  2. What Are Your Responsibilities After a Car Accident?

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    It is also excusable. But in capable accident, liability is imposed. If successfully proved, inevitable accident is completely excused.

  3. If any cattle go to neighbor’s land, without any body’s efforts, it is an accident.
  4. Example: train accidents, automobile accidents, etc.

Mistake of Fact

  1. Consequences are foreseen. The consequences are intended but the actor is ignorant of some material circumstance.
  2. It is completely excusable. Strict liability is not imposed.
  3. If I put cattle thee because I wrongly believe that the field is mine, their presence is due to mistake.
  4. Example: A, a soldier fires on a mob unlawfully assembled by the order of his superior officer, in conformity. A has committed no offence.
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