11 Sample Congratulations Letters

1. Congratulations Letter to a Friend on his New Job

Dear Sushil,

Words really fail to express my joy at the news of your selection as Probationary Officer in the State Bank of India. Your selection, was. however, no surprise because a man of your caliber and superior intelligence was bound to fare excellently. A Probationary Officer’s post in the State Bank of India is one of the most highly prized posts in India both from the point of view of emoluments and the wide and quick opportunities for promotion. A boy selected as a Probationary Officer at such a young age as yours stands chances of reaching the highest post in the officers cadre in the State Bank of India. It is an added pleasure for us all that the place of your posting is just at a distance of 25 miles from our city and we can always expect you after every fortnight.

We all send you our heartiest congratulations and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,


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Reply to above congratulations letter

Dear Dharam Chand,

I am highly thankful to you for your kind and affectionate letter congratulating me on my being selected as Probationary Officer in the State Bank of India. My success is no less due to the good wishes and prayers of you all who have always been interested in my career. You personally deserve further credit for it because it was you who suggested to me sit for the competitive examination for this post.

Luckily I have been posted so near to your city that we can have occasional contacts with each other. Please make it convenient to drop in here some time.

With kind regards and best wishes and Namaskar to Bhabhiji.

Yours sincerely,


2. Congratulations Letter to a girl on her engagement

My dear Usha,

I was much delighted to hear from dear uncle about your engagement to Mr. Jagdish. It is an added pleasure to learn that both you and Mr. Jagdish happen to be post-graduate in Economics.

My brother knows Mr. Jagdish very well as both of them have studied together upto M.A. He often used to come to our house and we all liked him very much. He is lucky enough to have in you such a nice and charming wife. At the same time you are equally lucky to have a really good match.

My heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you both.

Yours sincerely,


Reply to above leter

My dear Mohini,

Many many thanks for your letter of congratulations which I received this morning.

Until last week I had no information at all that I was going to be engaged to Mr. Jagdish. It was only on Monday that Mr. Jagdish and his parents came to our place for evening tea. I was talking quite freely with Mr. Jagdish’s parents and was not at all aware of the purpose for which their visit to our house that evening was planned. Immediately after tea my parents called me inside the bed room and asked my reactions about their feeling of choosing Jagdish as my life partner. I maintained a bashfull silence which was presumed as acceptance. Of course, it was acceptance of
the proposal.

Father has proposed to solemnize the wedding in this very summer, but
I am in favour of its being held in winter. I hope you will be with me on this happy occasion whenever it materializes.

Please remember me to your mother. With best wishes to you and, namaskar to Bhai Sahab.

Yours sincerely,


3. Congratulations Letter to a Friend on his Engagement

Dear Mr. Jagdish,

I am overjoyed to hear of your engagement of Miss Usha.

Miss Usha had always been a brilliant and intelligent student in the college, besides being beautiful, vivacious and cultured. While you are lucky in getting such a nice life companion, I must say that she too is equally lucky in getting a handsome, bright and cultivated young man like you for her husband.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion. I look forward for the happier occasion, your wedding.

Wish best wishes and good luck.

Yours sincerely,


Reply to above congratulations letter

Dear Ratan,

I am highly thankful to you for your letter of congratulations on my engagement to Usha. Usha had been more than simply a class fellow of mine. There was something in her that charmed me and led to my infatuation for her. But I had controlled my feelings all along and had been watching her reactions. In course of time I perceived a hint coming from her, which encouraged me to propose to her. But that was only after we both had finished our M. A. Final examination. Usha’s response was positive and the thing was divulged to our respective parents for consent which they being old acquaintances so gladly granted. And then came the day when the two of us were betrothed.

While I thank my stars for this greatest happiness of mine your good wishes for my welfare deserve no less credit, and hence my heartiest thanks.

Looking forward earnestly to see you on the wedding day.

Yours sincerely,


4. Congratulations letter on success in the Examination

Dear Chandan,

The ‘National Herald’ of today brought the news of your excellent success in your Intermediate Examination. Your name figuring in the list of candidates passed with merit goes to add to appreciation for your school teachers and parents. The way is now clear for you to join the best university of the state.

What university do you intend to join and which subjects do you propose to choose in B. A. ? Personally I would suggest that you should go in for commerce subjects as they would fit you for a managerial post in your own firm. It will be a double benefit. Not only would you be getting an executive position suited to your abilities and capabilities but will also make it convenient for your father to have his own son as the manager of his concern, thereby saving him a handsome amount of salary which he will, otherwise, have to pay to an outsider.

Well, this is only a suggestion. You are perfectly free in your choice because one is oneself the maker of one’s destiny.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations and convey the same to dear uncle and auntie.

Yours sincerely,


Reply to above congratulations letter

Dear Madan,

Many many thanks for your letter of congratulations on my passing Intermediate examination with merit. It was not less due to encouragement and inspiration given by you than by my own effort.

Father has decided to get me admitted in the Allahabad University. As regards my subjects, my choice differs from yours. I intend to go for the study of humanities. That is why I have decided to choose English Literature, Political Science and History. As you might be knowing, I have been very much interested in English Literature and this is due to our teacher who infused in me the love for the subject. Hope you don’t mind my choice of subjects being different. You see, I wish to compete for higher competitive examinations in which social science subjects are more paying than others.

Rest is all fine. With best wishes and kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


5. Congratulations Letter to a friend on his wedding

My dear Hridyesh,

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your wedding about which I learnt this morning from dear Ranjan. I am really sorry for my absence on this day.

May you have a perfectly happy married life !

Yours sincerely,


6. Congratulating on Birthday

Dear Mr. Virendra,

Happy to congratulate you to your 25th birthday. I wish I could personally come to share the joy of festivities on this milestone in your life, but I happen to be so far away from you physically at the moment. May your future be attended with prosperity and happiness !

I came to Poona last week on an official tour and will remain here for another 2-3 days. Again wishing you many more birthdays.

Yours own,


7. Congratulate letter to someone who just won an Award or Prize

Dear Mr. Verma,

I read with great delight your name published in today’s morning paper. You have won the Jananpith Award for 1999, one of the most coveted prizes for men of literature in India. Your untiring industry, dedicated perseverance and devotion and immense service to Hindi literature have won this honour.

My sincerest wishes are with you. I join with your friends and admirers in offering you my heartiest congratulations. May your unremitting endeavour in the service of Hindi Literature’ go on with undiminished vigour!

Yours sincerely,


8. Congratulating Letter on Promotion

Dear Manvendra,

I am greatly delighted to learn from your letter that you have been promoted as Officer Grade I in the State Bank of India. This had been dream for the last few years. God has been bountiful in fulfilling your long cherished desire.

Undoubtedly, the volume of work and responsibilities for you will increase in your new office. I hope your behaviour towards your subordinates will continue to be characterized by the same warmth of feeling and humanity as it was when you were officer grade II.

Please accept my Best wishes and heartiest congratulations.

Yours sincerely,


9. Congratulation Letter on Recovery from Long Illness

Dear Mr. Niranjan,

My joy knows no bounds on knowing that you have been cured of the fatal disease you had been suffering from for the last two years. We had all along been praying for your speedy recovery. It is indeed one of the happiest news to me that you have been relieved from the hospital and the doctors have allowed you to join your duties. Please accept my heartiest congratulations.

It will take some time for you to recover normal strength. Please take up only mild work in the beginning and avoid strain both mental and physical. Regular walk in the morning will expedite your recovery. Also please take care to have nutritive but easily digestible diet to the gain strength.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely,


10. Congratulations on Winning a Honor


It is a matter of great joy for all of us to hear from your respected father that you have been especially named by your principal. Your interest in studies, passing examinations with honours and shining victories in games and sports plus your lovable behaviour towards your school fellows earned you this honour. You are on your way to success and we wish you a brilliant and bright career.

With best wishes and good luck,

Yours sincerely,


11. Congratulation on Writing a Book

Dear Mr. Shukla,

I am glad to receive through Vijai a copy of your book ‘Principles of Political Science.’ I found the book prefaced by appreciation of eminent scholars. When I personally went through it I was impressed with the delightful arrangement of the subject matter which makes things easier for the students. I have learnt that the book has become very popular among students within a few days of its publication. Please our heartiest congratulations on your fine achievement.

Yours sincerely,



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