2 Sample Job Applications for the Post of Clerk

This article contains 2 Sample Job Application Letters for the Post of Clerk.

1 Sample Job Application for the Post of a Filing and Dispatching Clerk



The Manager,

Company Name,


Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement in today’s “Newspaper Name,” for the post of a ‘Filing and Dispatching Clerk’, I wish to offer my services with the following qualifications and experience.

Having passed my 12th Class Examination from ……………… University in …………(year), I joined ………………(company name).(leading utensil dealers in ………………(city name)) as a clerk. On the very first day of my taking up this job, I was asked by the management to work on Filing and Dispatching as the clerk concerned had suddenly resigned from their employ. I picked up the job with the assistance of files and registers maintained by them as also by going through the outward register. I hardly got any personal guidance and yet I thoroughly picked up the work in 8 days. Since then I am working in this very capacity and have been granted as many as 7 special increments. My employers are very happy with my work and they have revised their scale of pay for this post which now stands equivalent to the scale of a Senior Accounts Clerk. Recently, we have introduced Godrej Filing System. Our average receipts are 40 letters, dispatching 50 letters and filing 100 letters a day. I am quite familiar with postal rates also.

I may add here that during the period of my service with …………………(company name). I have also privately passed my B.A. Examination with high Second Class.

My age is 30 and I have got good health.

I expect a minimum salary of Rs. 9000/- per month.

I hope I shall hear soon

Yours faithfully


2. Another Sample Job Application for the Post of a Clerk


The Manager

Company Name



Having been given to understand that a few posts of clerks have fallen vacant in offices under your kind control, I beg to apply for appointment to one of them.

As regards my qualifications, I beg to say I passed my Higher Secondary Examination from the C.B.S.E., Delhi in the year ………………(year) in the Second Division. I have learnt typewriting in a private institute and my present speed is 45 words per minute. I may add here, Sir, that I type without making any mistake.

I am a young man of twenty-eight years, brimful of health and energy and capable of putting in any amount of hard work. I belong to a respectable family and all my relatives occupy responsible posts in Government as well as in some reputed private firms.

If given a chance, I shall do my best in satisfying my officers with hard and honest work.

Yours faithfully,



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