A Farewell Letter in the name of Father, who is dead now

This is a sample Farewell Letter in the name of Father, who is dead now.

Oh dear Dad!

I miss you! I still cannot believe that now I shall not find you in this mortal world.

For the past several months, I wanted to write to you a detailed letter, but somehow could not do so. I never imagined that my thoughts/dreams would meet such a tragic end.


Dad, you were an ideal father to me. You did everything in your capacity to impart me good education, a wonderful life and good teachings. You were always there to guide me. Even though you led a simple life yourself, yet you always tried to give me what I aspired for, asked for. I really looked up to you when it came to choosing principles of life. You lived a life of commitment and sacrifice and you showed me what it takes to be great parents.

I know that some of my actions/decisions were not up to your liking. I wish I had a chance to rewind and re-do them, the way you wanted and make peace with you. I feel really bad that God took you away from all of us so soon, just when it was time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Thank you for being my dad and showing the way. You’ll always be in my heart and soul.


Your loving son

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November 2014 | Blabbers From One Named Nazran

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