A Farewell letter to Colleagues

Dear Friends

As you all are aware that I have resigned from my job at company and decided to take on some new challenges in my life. I’m venturing into the new world of entrepreneurship. I am very excited about the possibilities existing there and it will be a challenge to me to be successful amongst the already established giants. Before leaving to venture into the new field, I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts about my stay here so far and my experience with all you wonderful people,

I have enjoyed my time here, I have enjoyed every moment spent with all of you. I received very enriching and rewarding experiences of my life here, in this corporation. When I joined the Company, I was not sure of myself; just hesitated and acted awkwardly to be any good here. But my sincere thanks to you all. With your active support and constructive cooperation, I have grown significantly; both-personally and professionally.

I would like to bid farewell to you all with the core of my heart. I wish you all good luck in all your endeavours and hope that we’ll meet again sometime in the journey of life. The thanks conveyed by me, can’t express in real sense my gratitude and feelings I have for all of you.


With warm wishes,

Sincerely yours

Your Name

November 2014 | Blabbers From One Named Nazran

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