A reply letter to your friend

Vijay Kumar
IIPM Campus,


Do you believe in the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Well, I definitely believe in it, and I also believe that friendship is eternal and is not limited within the boundaries of the just of the unjust.

You are my best friend, and no junk of gap has the power to destroy the strong bonds of our friendship. Yes, I do agree that there was a consecutive silence from my side from last several months, gap in getting in touch with you, but certainly my ignorance doesn’t means that our friendship has diminished or anything.


It only means that I was in a state of depression that took me away from the real world and landed me in the virtual world, and then I started living in the virtual space; I started deriving false happiness and pleasure from the mirage of the virtual canvas. Oh God, with the passes of time, I got so deeply involved in these fairy online activities that it engulfed me from head to toe, deep down inside. I was submerged so deeply inside it, that soon my mind blank out everything else, I forgot about those real persons who cared about me, like my parents and you.

And now when I look back, I feel almost shame on me, the wrongs I committed cannot be repent. Someone has very rightly said, “You are the architect of your own future”, but my friend, what I did, is designed my future in the graveyard of almost darkness. I ruined myself.

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Anyhow, have you seen the movie, “The Deep Impact?” Just remember its last scene when the crew of the space shuttle decided to scarify themselves by colliding with the asteroids, for saving the existence of life on earth. One step taken by them, saved this earth, in the very same way one letter dispatched by you saved my life. My friend, I may have thousands of scraps in my inbox, I may have more than 1900 friends on Orkut or Facebook, but you and your letters are a billion time more precious than those virtual friends and scraps.


Really, the wisdom I got from your missive cannot be measured by any units of measurement. While analyzing my social networking logs, you must have observed that everywhere where the word “Best Friend” was written, you name was right on the right of that. Haven’t you observed that? Then?

After reading the last line of you letter, particularly the word “Just vanish”, suddenly my soul returned from the virtual world at the speed of light and entered my body and then I realized about the real danger than was approaching towards me.

So without wasting a second, I started cleaning my room and started destroying evils like the masses of cigarette boxes, the imported magazines and empty beer bottles. Within an hour, the look of my room changed drastically, there was the picture of Lord Krishna in place of Kristen Steward and there was the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in place of Miley Cryus. I was a bit luck to have some copies of my mom and dad, which was enlarged immediately in a nearby DTP center, and was fixed on my heart and on the side wall as well. I think, the dust which was on my heart was cleaned as the sweat dropped from my skin while cleaning my room.

Then I took a cold bath and started praying God, I prayed, the almighty, not to save me from facing my father, but I prayed for giving me courage and wisdom to face my dad, and to do my confession in front of him. I prayed God, to give me bravery to face my own conscience first. It is said that “He who confess his mistakes, is blessed. May I be lucky enough to repent?


I switched off all lights, the room was dark, but still the blue light rays coming from the computer speaker was looking like the rays of hope… I recalled, how wonderful was everything before, the moving pictures of the rainy days at the school, the greenery of the mountains, the splendid sunshine and sunsets……, and all these memories calmed my heart and soon I was in the state of sleep.

There is now a peace inside me, and now I have stopped myself from crossing the threshold of the real world. Now I am concentrating on my studies, now I spend long hours reading the volumes of wisdom than includes my subjects, motivational books and classic poetries as well. Really, now I am felling a bit enlighten….everything seems to be so beautiful.

The today of mine, is the consequence of your letter of yesterday, my friend, my brother, today I feel blessed to get a chum like you.

Yours truly,



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