Apology letter to your best friend regarding a quarrel

In order to calm the ruffled feeling, it is advisable to write letters of apology whereby you may express regret for the acts of omission or commission on your part. These may refer to any behaviouristic lapse on your part or any other misunderstanding. If any damage has been caused, you may make arrangements for making amends to it.

My dear Raju,

I’ve been informed by my brother that yesterday’s quarrel amongst the children of the street has annoyed you a lot. My younger brother is said to have abused your son.  My friend, the children’s world is a mysterious place where the same species of nature quarrel and befriend just thereafter. They are not mature persons and therefore if, in a stare of excitement someone uttered remarks that smacked of his low temper; it should not be taken seriously.

You know full well that none of us encouraged the children to quarrel. It should be taken as a routine matter. These minor tiffs should not create a sense of antagonism between us. Wes should retain the same neighborly relations as we have been doing heretofore. There lies the elderly maturity. I, on my part, regret and may assure you that such incidents will not occur again, I have, on my part, reprimanded Raju who was weeping and repenting.


I am sure it is enough to quell the storm in the tea-cup.

With regards,

Yours sincerely

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