Application for a vacancy in response to an advertisement

A sample application letter for a vacancy in response to an advertisement.


The HR

Organization Name


Sub: Application for the post of ‘Office Assistant’

Dear Sir

With reference to your advertisement in the ‘Indian Express” dated 22 July for the post of ‘Office Assistant’, I am enclosing my bio-data with this application. My bio-data contains all the details regarding my qualifications and experience.

I like to assure you that if I will be given a chance to work in your esteemed organization, you will positively feel satisfied with my attitude and working.


Yours faithfully

Your Name




1. Name :

2. Father’s name :

3. Address :

4. Telephone No.

5. E-mail

6. Date of Birth

7. Qualifications: Degree University % Marks Year of passing

8. Experience:

9. Hobbies :

10. Extra Curricular:

I hope, you will find my bio-data as per your requirements.


Annexure: As above

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