Application to the District Education Officer, applying for the post of a Temporary Teacher

A sample application to the District Education Officer, applying for the post of a Temporary Teacher.



District Name


Sub : Application for the post of temporary teacher


It has come to my knowledge that a post of English teacher is vacant in one of the schools under your control. I beg to apply for the same. As regards, my qualifications and experience are as follows :

I passed the Matriculation examination from the City High School, in the year 1992, securing 87% marks and stood first in the school. I further secured 90% marks in Intermediate examination, in 1994. Therefore, I passed the B.A. Examination from City College, in 1998 with 76%. I took my M.A. degree in English from University with first division, securing 61% marks in 2000, and stood first in the University in the B.Ed. Examination in 2002. Photocopies of the above are annexed.


I have seven months’ experience of teaching English in a Higher Secondary School. The experience certificate is enclosed for your kind perusal.

I like to assure you that I shall perform my duties with the best of my abilities and conduct.

Yours faithfully


Your Name

Enclosures : as above.

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