As the Head of your office, draft a circular letter for the staff, outlining the need and value of punctuality in keeping office hours and quick disposal of writs and other work

This is a sample official circular letter on value of punctuality in office hours.

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Office of Dy. Commissioner Company Name





For : All the members of the staff, including the officers

All the members of the staff, including the officers are instructed to adhere to punctuality norms in coming to and leaving the office. Hence, everyone’s presence in the office is desired by 10.00 am positively. It has been noticed that some of the employees, including the officers have become habitual of coming late and leaving the office before time, that is, before 5 pm. This causes great inconvenience to the public. It is an act of indiscipline and it leads to delay in disposing off the files and hinders smooth working. Intentional delay and the practice of keeping the work pending must be stopped forthwith. All the officers and staff are, hereby, instructed to dispose off all the pending work within a week and apprise the undersigned about the progress in the matter positively on next Monday.


Non-compliance on the part of any staff, including the officers shall be viewed by the undersigned seriously.

Your Name

Dy. Commissioner (Designation)

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