Beautiful love letter to your girl friend

This is a sample love letter to your girl friend.


How quickly the time has passed! I am so used to your presence in my thoughts, dreams and in my whole life that I dare not imagine living in this world without you. It’s hard to believe today, that we both had entirely separate lives before we met. This is all because we are a perfect match. God has made us for each other. We inspire each other to grow and excel. Our love is much more than mere earthly love; our love is so deeply rooted in our souls that it seems, we have been lovers for the past many births.

Everyday, we are close together, my sweet-heart; I often think about our first date. The weather was cloudy, it was drizzling too and we enjoyed the date with such an intensity that became more than the sweet memories.


Since then, my life has altogether changed. I do say that I love you from the core of my heart and I can’t live without you. You are the only one I adore.

I have none but you in my dreams and my life!

Only yours

Your Name

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