Complaint letter against the irregularity in bus service in the city






Let me draw your kind attention to the irregular bus service in the city. The passengers face hardships because the buses are never on time. The passengers have sometimes to wait for hours together to catch a bus. And even on routes where there is enough frequency of buses, the drivers and conductors are so careless that they do not stop the bus even when there there is accommodation inside. Yesterday only, a young girl working in a school received injuries while alighting because the conductor in his haste whistled and the driver in his eagerness moved the bus.

Sometimes, we see a number of buses plying on the same route while at another time there is no bus for hours. Does it not show negligence of duty on the part of the drivers and conductors?

I, therefore request you to look into the matter. All Traffic Superintendents of _______________ should be on their duty and book the erring staff. More buses should be put on road. The useless ones should be written off. It is no use plying buses in the crowded streets, which break down in the way and create traffic jams. I am sure, you will take will take early steps to make the bus service more useful for the public.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,


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