Complaint letter to Chief Medical and Health Officer, about negligent staff and the uncleanliness prevailing in the hospital

A sample complaint letter to CMHO (Chief Medical and Health Officer), about negligent staff and the uncleanliness prevailing in the hospital.

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Sub: Undeanliness and negligence of the staff in the General Hospital


Through this complaint letter, I want to draw your attention towards the uncleanliness prevailing in the General Hospital and the staff also not performing their duties well. The nurses hardly attend to their duties and are generally busy in gossiping. The toilets are never found clean; they always emit a very foul smell. The sweepers even leave the rubbish in the corners. Consequently, everywhere, a stinking smell, undeanliness, dust and negligence prevails. I wonder how the staff is so indifferent and working in such unhygienic conditions. Yesterday, an attendant took her ill father to toilet, the nauseating smell made her nervous and she fainted. A complaint was also lodged with the nurse on duty, she took no care of the complaint.


Moreover, the electric wiring is lying dangerously uncovered and tubes don’t emit proper light. Also, even the low priced tablets and medicines remain out of stock in the hospital.

I hope you will take immediate steps to improve the above conditions and make proper arrangements to keep the hospital clean.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


Your Name

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