Complaint letter to Municipal Corporation

A sample complaint letter to the Municipal Corporation of your city, complaining about the miserable Condition of Roads in your locality.

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Sample letter



The Mayor

City Municipal Corporation

Sub: Bad condition of roads in Our Area (Name)



I would like to bring to your kind notice the miserable condition of roads in my locality, Our Area (Name) (and City Name). The roads in this area are broken at many places. There is no smooth run for the transport. The buses, trucks, cars, three-wheelers all and two-wheelers have to halt after every five-six minutes, just to adjust with the road breaks and pits. It has been repeatedly brought to the notice of local M.C.D. office, but all in vain. There is always a traffic problem on the roads.

The first showers of approaching monsoon will put the things in worst shape. The residents are in deep distress on this account and have repeatedly expressed their resentment through Press as well as through written complaints but nothing has been done so far. People have also staged demonstrations last month and consequently, the local authorities assured to take necessary action in the matter. So far, all the assurances are in vain as no action has be taken.

I request you to get the roads constructed/repaired without any further delay, lest the anger of the public explodes.

Yours sincerely


Your Name

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