Complaint letter to Postmaster, about the negligent working of the Area Postman

Sample complaint letter to Postmaster, about the negligent working of the Area Postman.


The Postmaster

Post Office Address


Sub : Mr. Postman_Name (postman of your area)


I want to draw your kind attention towards the negligent working of Mr. Postman_Name, the postman of this area. He is quite irregular and negligent in his work. He does not deliver the letters and parcels on daily basis. He never arrives in time. He often throws the letters either in the ‘Ganda Nala’ (Dirty Drain) or hands them over to the children playing in the streets. Many times the letters are lost. This irregular and late delivery of letters has caused business loss to some people. This is a matter of great concern and can cause great loss to any resident. On many occasions, this postman has been warned to mend his ways but he pays a deaf ear to the warnings of the residents.

Kindly take necessary action in this matter and Mr. Postman_Name be transferred to some other area, lest he should take revengeful action against some of the residents.


Thanking you, Yours faithfully

Your Name

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