Complaint letter to Postmaster

A sample complaint letter to the Post-Master, complaining about Non Receipt of the Parcel by your sister, sent by you two months ago.


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Sample letter



The Postmaster

Post Office, Address

Sub: Non receipt of parcel


Dear Sir

I sent a Registered Parcel to my sister, Name, at:Street Address, City Name, State Name on date………………, vide your receipt no. ………………… So far, the parcel has not been received by her. Its been over two months since the non receipt of the parcel. It appears, either the parcel is delivered to somebody else or it is lost in transit.

You are requested to enquire into the matter and apprise us of the factual position without any further delay.

Thanking you


Yours faithfully

Your Name,

Enclosure : Photocopy of receipt

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