Complaint Letter to the Police Commissioner of Traffic, about Parking Facility

Complaint Letter to the Police Commissioner of Traffic, about Inadequate Parking Facility in your area.


The Police Commissioner (Traffic)

City Name


Sub: Inadequate parking facility in our area …………………… (Place Name)


You are well aware that our…………………… (Place Name) is the heart and soul of our capital. It is the busiest site. It attracts a large number of businessmen, foreigners and tourists daily. Being the center of trade, there is a great hustle and bustle in the market. During the peak hours, one cannot park his car at a safe place because the parking facilities are only name sake. If one has to park his vehicle, he has to look here and there for availability of a safe parking place. If a suitable site is available by chance, it becomes difficult to get one’s vehicle back because of the shortage of sufficient space. Under these circumstances, it is imperative on the part of the authorities to make sufficient spots available for parking the vehicles.

I hope you will definitely realize the inconvenience caused to all, as stated above. Please take suitable steps to solve this genuine problem.


Thanking you, Yours faithfully

Your Name

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