Complaint Letter to the Superintendent of Police

A sample letter to the Superintendent of Police, complaining about the Unauthorized Construction of a block of three shops adjacent to the Public Park.


The Superintendent of Police

City Name


Sub: Unauthorized construction adjacent to the public park


May I lodge a complaint against Mr. Sam Nath, who has constructed a block of three shops on the public land, adjacent to the Nehru Park in our colony. The construction was completed in the late hours of night when there was none to oppose. In the morning, a block of shops was found deforming the park area. When the residents opposed this illegal construction, then instead of listening to their voice, Mr. Sam Nath threatened to shoot them. This has created a bad precedent for others to occupy the government land, in any way one likes. There is complete ‘Goonda Raj’ in this area. Powerful men are usurping the property of the government for their own benefits. It is not out of place to mention that the dictum ‘Might is Right’ is being proved true here. There is a complete chaos and an atmosphere of fear prevailing in the area.

It looks; Mr. Nath has got good connections with the high ups. If this remains the state of affair, a day will come when others will also occupy the available public land. This is the only park in the colony where children can play and take rest in the morning and evening.


Please take necessary action and protect the park from Goondas and Dabangs, spoiling its use and beauty.

Yours faithfully

Your Name

This Old Blog: January 2013

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