Free sample thanksgiving letter to uncle for a fabulous birthday present



My dear Uncle,

Thank you very much for your kind blessings and a nice present on my birthday. It is very kind of you to remember me on this particular day with such a fine token of your great love for me.


The wristwatch you have sent is really marvelous. Everyone in the house has liked its fine dial and shape. It us a fine Time keeper and will prove very helpful to me in my studies. Dear Uncle, I was badly in need of a watch and your present at this time, when my examinations are so near, has fulfilled my long standing need. I shall no longer be late for school. The watch will help me to be very punctual and regular in my work. It will help me in the examination hall by enabling me to allocate time for different questions.

I assure you, dear Uncle, that I shall take care of the costly gift and remember you every day.

Thanking you once again for the gift,


Yours affectionately,


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