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My dear (Name),

This letter of mine will furnish a pleasant surprise to you as I am writing long after I left London after passing my Graduation Examination there. I got a job at the iron works in Derby.


It is a strange place and I left very much bored in the company of the iron-blocks, the fret and fever of factory life and of the labors who are always busy fighting with iron ore and manufacturing one thing or the other.

It is purely mechanical life. Man becomes a part of machine. He forgets his lively contact with nature. All exterior influences became absent all of a sudden. The clash of machines and the other such irksome activities have told upon my health. How I long to extricate myself from this web of mechanical life!

Strange as it may seem, all the people are unsympathetic towards one another. They seldom talk to one another. They seldom enjoy life as they know only one trade and that pertains to earning their livelihood.

What a hell it is! I want a change. I am looking for a suitable job at London which is quite near my home.


This is a city of smoke and dirt where laborers jostle one another and people of refined tastes are missing.

Anyhow the sole aim is to earn our livelihood which is indispensable to us all. In this age of unemployment I am earning something. First Class Post-Graduates are roaming about and there in no job worth the name for them.

Father wrote to me to join his business at London. I am seriously considering his proposal because I am altogether fed up with this type of life.

I miss you a lot. Sometimes I feel home-sick and feel like transforming myself into a bird winging away to my town. I have learnt some new trades, but I seldom delight in their mechanical character. I wish to be free life a bird and fly away into the horizons to seek new avenues in life.


I invite you to this place to see for yourself this industrial city. You will realize the big difference between our life there and a mechanical and sordid life here.

If you find time, please do visit this place.

With best regard,

Yours sincerely,

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