Friendly letter to your friend telling him about your Annual School Sports

Friendly letter to your friend telling him about your Annual School Sports.

My dear Name,

Our Annual School sports came off yesterday. You will be glad to know that I won three prizes. I came in first in the juniors’ 100 meters race, first in the juniors’ 200 meters race and in the cycle race. I narrowly missed the individual championship cup of the junior section.

We had our sports in the Deshbandhu Park in North Calcutta. Besides the students of the school quite a large number of guardians and other gentlemen came to see the sports. It was a very interesting function. After the sports were over, the visitors were treated to tea and refreshments and we, too, had a share in these.


There was keen competition in every item of sports. There was, as usual, quote a large number of events. There were three groups of competitors-the seniors, the juniors and the Midgets. I belonged to the second group. The events consisted of 80 meters race, 100 meters, race, 200 meters race, 400 meters race, 800 meters race, cycle race, high jump, long jump, relay race, orange race, potato race, three-legged race, sack race, sum race, throwing the cricket ball and various other items.

The greatest fun was the tug-of-war. The final was between class X and class IX. It was a tremendous struggle. It lasted more than ten minutes before it was decided. Class IX won and I am a student of class IX. While the struggle was going on, the supporterso9f both the teams cheered loudly. The sack race and the blindfold race also were very funny thing and caused great laughter among the spectators.

After the sport was over, the president gave away the prize to the winner. I have got three very nice things, one thermos flask, one fountain pen and a badminton racket. We had a very jolly day. I like to know all about your annual school sports.


Your loving friend,


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