How to write a bright and cheerful letter to a friend who is in hospital?

My Dear Friend,

Please take my friendly salute. I have got a letter from your dad. He has written that you have been hospitalized, as you are suffering from fever consequent of a fracture on your right leg. Now you are at CITY NAME and I am at YOUR CITY NAME. I am sorry that I cannot go to meet you there. However. I am full of sympathy for you and I pray God for your early cure.

Dear Friend, please do not mind for the fracture. Because I learn that it is very minor case which can be easily tackled by the surgeons. Hence, you need not worry over it. I hope you will attain a quick recovery and will be soon discharged from the hospital. Fever is a natural consequence of fracture on the body. It will subside by a dose of medicine. So, there is nothing to trouble about. Of course you will keep bed-ridden for few days. But it is a boon in disguise. Because you were overbuys in outdoor games. Now, it will serve as a compulsory rest for you which will be be beneficial to your health.

Please convey my best regards to your dad who is beside you in the hospital.


Your Loving Friend

Your Name

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