How to write a congratulation letter to your friend on his recovery from a serious illness?

My Dear Friend,

Please accept my friendly salute. Today I receive your email and understand that you have been cured of the high fever which you had been suffering for about fifteen days. I am very happy over it. I congratulate you for this recovery. I am very much felling your absence in school. I am glad to think that very soon we will meet together and will read, play, sing and dance as before.

Dear Friend, you have refereed to the last annual examination in which you have not appeared owing to your serious illness. Please don’t mind for this. All know that you are a good student. Your record of the last annual examination stands bright. I asked our class teacher and he said that you would be promoted simply on production of a medial certificate. So, you need not worry over it

Please covey my best regards to your parents and my blessings to the younger ones.


Your Best Friend

Your Name.

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