How to write a Letter in response to a Matrimonial Advertisement

You have seen a matrimonial advertisement and now you want to reply to that  advertisement. huh ! But you are unable to find words for it? Don’t worry this sample letter will help you to write a perfect response to the Matrimonial letter.

Dear Sir

In response to your matrimonial advertisement in ‘The News Paper Name’ dated ‘published date’, I am furnishing the particulars of my daughter as following:

  1. Name
  2. Father
  3. Mother
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Extra
  6. Present Occupation
  7. Brother
  8. Sister
  9. Date of Birth
  10. Height
  11. Complexion
  12. Appearance

I am Senior Executive in Punjab National Bank. I have my own house at Gandhi Nagar,  Miss Mamta’s photograph is enclosed herewith. You are requested to send your son’s recent photograph and particulars of your son. I have furnished all the necessary details required initially for the purpose. If you need any other details, please give me a call or write at the following address:



In anticipation of your favorable reply,

Yours sincerely

Signature, Date

Reply of the Groom’s father:

Dear Name


I am in receipt of your letter dated……………, along with the particulars of your daughter, Miss Mamta.

At first hand, the particulars of your daughter seem to be a perfect match for our son Madhur. Before we could proceed further, I propose that both the boy and the girl should have a one to one meeting and convey us their willingness.

What do you say in this matter? Your suggestions and views are more important, being father of the daughter. I am enclosing a photograph and particulars of my son with this letter, as required by you.


Please reply at your earliest, so that we can proceed further to reach a good conclusion.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely


Enclosure : As above

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